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Terms & Conditions

The Inn At Five Points is an exclusive property where every guest reservation is both important and special to us. There are different times of the year where our Bed and Breakfast takes reservations, and that policies concerning stays could be different. Please see below options identifying which dates you are interested in and what your reservation would be subject too. (1) Peak Season Weekend or Weekday (2) Special Event Weekend or Weekday (3) Off Peak Weekday * All reservations: 50% of your stay will be charged to your credit card at the time of reservation. The remainder will be charged seven (7) days prior to your stay. Any extras charged to your room during your stay, payment will be charged at the time of check out.  We have a no smoking policy at The Inn and outside areas, no pets, not appropriate for children and we are not disabled accessible.

Booking & Cancellation

We accept bookings online here and over the phone (518-584-1648). We take a 50% deposit upon booking which is fully refundable depending on the time of year. See below:

(1) Peak Season (Track dates) – Refund will ONLY be given if we can fully re-book the reservation. (Example: You book Thursday, August 24-Sunday August 27, but we can only re-book for Saturday night you will not receive a refund.) If we re-book for the entire reservation you will be subject to a 100$ cancellation fee (we work hard on your behalf to re-book your room and we deserve compensation for that). Whether you cancel 30 minutes after booking or 30 days prior, you are subject to these terms. Track runs the last 6 weeks of summer, late July to Labor day.

(2) Special Events Weekend or Weekday & Weekend Rates – These items and more are subject to change at any time and will be considered special event rates, these are types of events, but we are not limited to just what is seen below as examples:

Fridays/Saturday nights, Saratoga Performing Arts Concerts, Skidmore Graduation, Festivals

Refunds will ONLY be given if the reservation can be fully re-booked (see above for example) and if we can re-book this reservation will be subject to a 25$ cancellation fee. Whether you cancel 30 minutes after booking or 30 days prior, you are subject to these terms.

(3) Off-Season – This reservation would include weekdays throughout the year (NO TRACK DATES). The track runs Late July-Labor day dependent on the year. Full refund given with 7 days prior notice, after 7 days reservation is subject to above terms with no fees.

Your credit card is held on file at time of reservation and will be considered as an authorization for an incidentals. This authorization will be released at the time of departure barring any unintentional property damage, “accidents, noise complaints, stealing or disobedience”. Should you seriously damage an item of our property, or take something with you that is not yours, you will be charged full replacement value. Disturbance issues may also result in our requiring you to pay a fee or being asked to check out, without a refund.

Check In & Check Out

Check-in is guaranteed by 3pm but if you’re hoping to arrive earlier than that just let us know and we’ll do our best to have your room ready for you sooner! Checking in during a time when we are not available? No prob! You’ll have a note from us at the front desk with all your check-in info and your room will be open and ready for you. **Please contact us about code to the front door for your entrance, code will only be given to guests. Check out is at 11am daily.

Kids & Pets

The Inn At Five Points is best suited for adults. Please do not ask for leniency on this issue, it has to do with our insurance, and that is just that! We love children, but policy is policy.

Your pet is probably super cool and we are avid pet lovers, but unfortunately not everybody’s pets play well together, so we have a NO PET policy.


Looking to rent the Inn for a whole group? We have 7 rooms with a maximum capacity of 14. Our rates depend on the season. A whole house rental will be subject to a special use rental agreement signature and deposit, depending on needs other fees may be involved. Drop us a line if you are interested: [email protected]

Want only a handful of rooms? We can arrange that, but we will need advance notice and if space is an issue and you want to use spaces that other guests also will want to enjoy, a fee may be included and a special use form will need to be signed and a deposit made.

Hoping to hold a block of rooms for your event elsewhere in the Saratoga? We’re sorry to say that we only hold rooms for on-site events. That said, your guests are more than welcome to book individually.